Special events have been organized as part of the conference program or to coincide with the conference dates.   

There are also great opportunities to explore the wonders of Whanganui with suggestions such as these.  

whispers master works 2013 (detail).png

The CoLab Collaboration Chandelier

To celebrate the theme of collaboration, Crystal Chain Gang will - with lots of help! - be making a collaborative chandelier for The CoLab Conference. NZSAG & Ausglass Members are invited to be collaborative partners in this exciting project, which will see us collectively create a dynamic, illuminated and unique work of art glass. The finished piece will be on exhibition at the Sarjeant Gallery over the course of the conference. The project could not have been realized without the generous support of NZSAG, Ausglass, The Sarjeant Gallery and New Zealand Glassworks.

Full details and form for expressions of interest are HERE.


BEach furnace

Castlecliff Beach will be the backdrop for another iteration of a centuries-old tradition; use of a wood-fired furnace for glass-making.  Created by Sui Jackson (Australia) and Torsten R√∂tzsch (Gemany) this will be a great warm-up for the closing party.