Image: “Flora”. Found and hot sculpted glass, vintage decals

Image: “Flora”. Found and hot sculpted glass, vintage decals


Amy Rueffert-­Thibeault

workshop: image decals and sculpted assembly in hot glass

Date: 20–22 February, 2019
Venue: Glass workshop, ANU School of Art and Design , Canberra
Price: A$600 (inc GST) (inquire about student discount if you are currently enrolled in a university degree)

This workshop will provide students with an overview of the techniques and processes central to Amy Rueffert-­Thibeault’s work in glass. The class will engage with hot shop, kiln and cold processes to investigate the use of high fire decals and assembly methods in a hot shop-­based practice. You will make blown glass blanks, learn to apply decals and embed them into your blown or solid work. Demonstrations will address some of the sculpted details (flowers and fine bit-­work) typical of Rueffert-­Thibeault’s work, and you will investigate how to make these techniques your own. You will be encouraged to share your own stories and ideas through class discussions that address inspiration and concept.