Image:  The Landscape , 2017. Photo credit: Ken Ek

Image: The Landscape, 2017. Photo credit: Ken Ek


Daniel Clayman

Workshop: Glass Casting and Fabrication Master Class (Two Day Lecture)

Date: 13-14 February
Venue: To Be Advised, Whanganui
Group size: 6 minimum, 20 maximum
Price: NZ$500 (inc GST)

Since 1984 my studio practice has revolved around objects made from cast glass. As my work undergoes constant transformation, I have mastered a multitude of known casting techniques and pioneered new ways of casting glass into refractory molds. From small scale to large, I have kept years of kiln firing notes that help to inform my studio practice as to successes and failures.
It is my ongoing desire to transfer this knowledge base to other artists through a series of master classes. These classes are intended for artists of all levels but in particular artists who are somewhat experienced with various casting methods. The class is not hands on; instead through slide and video presentations, I walk the class through basic skills, all the way through detailed explanations of how complex projects have been completed. My hope is that each student will come away with a deeper understanding that practically anything is possible.