Image:  Poissons d'avril

Image: Poissons d'avril


Katharine ColemAn

Workshop: Signs and Symbols

Date: 19-22 February, 2019
Venue: To Be Advised, Whanganui
Group size: 5 minimum, 10 maximum
Price: NZ$650 (inc GST)

An introductory workshop that can help you navigate and interpret engraving in any way you wish; through creating a new language of mark making, through to figurative elements. This workshop shows you the basic elements of engraving and the different ways tools can be used to approach the development of a design on different types of glass, including blown, float and found utilitarian. It also show how to make a positive image of a print on paper from your designs, through a vitreography element, as another means of expression. To make the most of this opportunity and continue it in their practice, students need to bring their own engraving tool. This can be a pendant drill, dremmel, micromotor or lathe, with appropriate burrs, bits or wheels. Please advise the coordinator of which option you will bring to the course. If you wish to join the class but don’t have access to these options, send an inquiry for advice on where to purchase. For this class, 2.35mm burrs/bits will be standard.