Terms and Conditions: The CoLab Members Exhibition 2019 


  1.  Applicants must be financial members of either Auglass or New Zealand Society of Artists in Glass (NZSAG) to enter. 

  2. Members are invited to exhibit one glass artwork which may comprise of multiple pieces that form a whole. 

  3. Collaborative artworks should be submitted as one entry. 

  4. Artwork should be comprised of 50% glass.  

  5. It is preferred that works exhibited be for sale, however this is not compulsory. 

  6. Art work will be fully insured by Whanganui District Council only once delivered to and until dispatched at the close of the exhibition for return to the artist (14 Jan – 10 March, 2019). 

  7. The artist is entirely responsible for insurance of the artwork whilst in transit to and from the exhibition. 

  8. Artworks cannot be removed from the exhibition prior to the 6 March, 2019. 


  1. Payment of $20.00 (NZD/AUD) entry fee is required to enter. This is to fund catalogue design, printing and online ecommerce platform for presentation and sales.  

    ° Ausglass members should pay via: http://ausglass.org.au/?q=node/171  

    ° For NZSAG members please direct deposit internet banking to: NZSAG 12-3012-0801757-00 - importantly reference your name with payment please. 

  2. All Exhibition Sales will be via an ecommerce site directed to The CoLab website and payment will be received using PayPal from this platform. 

  3. A commission of 20% plus GST will be retained by NZSAG (on behalf of The CoLab) from the retail sale price. 

  4. All sale payments from the exhibition will be paid to artists within 28 days of exhibition closing (31 March, 2019). 

  5. Bank fees and credit card transaction costs will be deducted from the artist sales payments. PayPal charge $0.45 NZD per transaction + 4.4% of the transaction amount.  

 Delivery and Freight: 

  1. All artworks must arrive within the specified dates: 14 – 20 January, 2019. 

  2. Artworks must be packaged well with clear instruction for repacking. 

  3. Freight for delivery and return is the responsibility of the artist including insurance whilst in transit only. 

  4. Artists must provide and include a return courier ticket with the artwork. This will be returned to you should your artwork sell and be freighted at the customers cost. 

  5. Any import-export customs and duties obligations will be the responsibility of the artist. 

 The Work:

  1. An individual or collaborative piece of Art Glass that displays innovation, excellence and imagination. 

  2. One glass artwork which may comprise of multiple pieces. Please provide clear installation instructions if your piece requires/includes: multiple pieces or wall hung. All wall hung works must come with all required hardware for installation. Wall hung display areas are limited, due to this exhibition space having purpose-built display cabinets we do prefer that your work is suitable for display in a free-standing cabinet. 

  3. No ceiling hung works can be accepted. 

  4. Artworks are required to have been made in the previous two years - Jan 2017 – Jan 2019.  

  5. Maximum weight of total artwork must not to exceed 20kg. 

  6. Maximum dimensions of artwork not to exceed: 600mm (Height) x 500mm (Width) x 500mm (Depth). Note: these are to fit within the fixed dimensions of the display cabinets. 


  1. The images that you provide will be used in The CoLab Members Exhibition catalogue and in marketing material for The CoLab Conference. The images must be of a professional standard including a neutral background with clear space around the borders for editing. The image must be of the entire piece and the actual work you intend exhibiting. 

  2. A jpeg image of the work is required at 300dpi and should be no greater than 5MB.   

  3. Artist photo with head and shoulders please and a neutral background at 300dpi and should be no greater than 5MB. 

  4. Artist Statement – Please write this in the first person (max 350 characters including spaces). 

  5. Applications must be completed and saved online to enable the catalogue designer to directly transfer your information. Please do not send scanned copies. 

  6.  The CoLab Conference, Auglass, NZSAG and the Sarjeant Gallery reserve the right to use any photographs and information provided here for publicity and promotional purposes.