Terms and Conditions: The CoLab Members POP-UP Exhibition 2019 


  1. Applicants must, at the time of entering, be financial members of either Auglass or New Zealand Society of Artists in Glass (NZSAG).

  2. Members may enter only one artwork.

  3. Collaborative artworks are to be submitted as one entry.

  4. If an image is supplied the item will be displayed on an online exhibition site and , can, at the artists discretion, be listed for sale.  If no image is supplied the piece will not be displayed on-line. 

  5. A listing of all pieces will be available at the exhibition (no printed catologue)

Artist obligations and responsibilities:

  1. Artist are entirely responsible for transport, packing, unpacking, installing at exhibition, repacking and removal of their work.

  2. The artist is solely responsible for all insurances of their artwork; covering transport, handling and the entirity of the exhibition, including 'bump in' and 'bump out' periods.

  3. Exhibiting artists are required to attend specified 'gallery time' over the course of the exhibition: essential for the security of exhibition works.  Time slots will be allocated, wherever possible, in line with artists' preferences, which will be hanled on the basis of 'first come, first served'.   


  1. An individual or collaborative piece of art glass that displays innovation, excellence and imagination. 

  2. Artwork must comprise at least 50% glass.

  3. Artworks must have been made within the previous two years (i.e. Jan 2017 – Jan 2019)

**If your artwork requires specific/specialist installation, please contact exhibitions@ausglass.org.au to determine if the requirement can be accommodated. Artworks needs to be suitable for wall mounting or display on free-standing plinths. Ceiling hung work cannot be accommodated.

Delivery, installation & removal:

  1. Artworks must arrive at Whanganui Community Arts Centre within the period

    • 10am - 5pm, Thursday 14 February, 2019.

    • 10am - 12noon, Friday 15 February, 2019.

  2. Artists are entirely responsible for transport, packaging, unpacking, installing at exhibition (including required hardware), uninstalling, repacking and removal of their work.

  3. Artworks cannot be removed from the exhibition before 4pm, Sunday 17 February 2019 and cannot be collected later than 1pm, Monday 18 February 2019.


  1. An exhibition entry fee of $10.00 (NZD/AUD) is payable at the time of submitting this entry application.   

  2. Exhibition sales will be handled via an ecommerce site linked to The CoLab website, with sale payment received via this platform though Paypal.

  3. A commission of 20%(plus GST) of the sale price will be retained; held by NZSAG on behalf of The CoLab .

  4. Also deducted from sales payments will be any applicable bank and/or credit card transaction fees and any PayPal charges ($0.45 NZD per transaction + 4.4% of the transaction amount.)

  5. All remaining payments will be paid to artists by 31 March 2019.

Images & supporting information:

NB The following are only required if the piece is for sale, in which case it will be included in an on-line sales gallery.

  1. A JPEG image of the work.  Please ensure it complies with the following; resolution max 60MP, RGB colour mode, file size max 500KB. 

  2. Images should be of a good standard, including a neutral background with clear space around the borders for editing.

  3. Image must show the entire piece and be of the actual work being exhibited.

  4. An artist image - head & shoulders.  Please ensure that the image complies with the following; resolution max 60MP, RGB colour mode, file size max 500KB. 

  5. Artist Statement – to be written in the first person (max 350 characters including spaces).

  6. The CoLab Conference, Auglass, NZSAG and UCOL reserve the right to use supplied images and information for publicity and promotional purposes.