Image:  Dismal Swamp

Image: Dismal Swamp


Sibylle Peretti & Stephen Paul Day

Workshop: The Magic of Mold Mix 6

Date: 19-22 February, 2019
Venue: 3 days @ Carmen Simmonds Studio (Brunswick) and 1 day @ New Zealand Glassworks
Group size: 6 minimum, 8 maximum
Price: NZ$980 (inc GST)

Sibylle Peretti and Stephen Paul Day (Club S&S) collaborate to take students on a journey of glass discovery from casting studio to hot shop. The first three days of the workshop is spent in a local studio demonstrating mould making, processes and techniques and the use of Zircar Mold Mix 6. The fourth day takes the class into the hot shop, where students explore options for embedding sulphide inclusions.