Image:  Spirelli Flagelli

Image: Spirelli Flagelli


Rik Allen

“Within our ship, both passenger and captain, seated behind our eyes, comforted  by the thin hull that contains us, we seek out to understand the world around and go beyond.” 

"My work reflects my interest in a exploration of the natural world by the vessels the embody these pursuits. These are meant to convey humor, stylistically referencing of an antiquated, or outlandish technology. These vessels often
exhibit history, or story evidenced in the patina of decay. I attempt to capture a moment of anticipation, adventure and introspection, at times positioning a small red chair, or focal point at the heart of the vessel. Many of these ships
have a connection to space exploration, but at the same time explore a internal experience of introspection and curiosity."

[Attending with support from Inkt]