Image:  Dismal Swamp

Image: Dismal Swamp


Sibylle Peretti

"In my work I explore the lack of harmony between human beings, nature, and our inability of achieving a unity with the natural world. I strive to uncover hidden worlds in which harmony can exist and heal. Children, who represent vulnerability are placed in a diaphanous universe of potential solutions and revived through a new and intimate, perhaps mystical reconnection to nature.

While my work hovers between subjects of scientific curiosity, fairy tales and dreams, I use images of children to open our eyes to a mysterious sensibility we may have lost. My children- protagonists are immaculate in their innocence, transmitting a savage view of our own isolation. I examine the child’s identity in a world of adverse layers. The overlay and containment of irreconcilable natures – of disease and beauty, of intimacy and of distance and of innocence and knowledge – have typified the search I have found most important in my work.

Recently I am interested in landscapes which present the inter zone between urban and rural space.. I see them as territories where reality conjures illusions. As the closest landscape to us they function as a refuge and escape where wilderness enshrines, but traces of humans are evident. I see them as a space of emotions, memory and solitude. The work invites us to journey into an unknown, undefined place of possibility, mystery and beauty where we find moments of clarity and introspection and may find answers about our own identity and how we experience our selves in the world."

[Attending with support from Jan McLean Designs Ltd]