We are grateful to the many organizations and individuals that have indicated their willingness to be a part of The CoLab Conference.  Assistance has been offered in many forms, all of which will be indispensable, and taken together will make for what will be a fantastic event!

If you too would like to contribute, contact Peter Nolan (Australia) or Karen McLean (New Zealand) for details of what might be possible. [NB: Cash donations to either Ausglass or NZSAG are tax deductible.]

NZSAG and Ausglass are indebted to the following for their generous support to The CoLab Conference.

  • Annette Cave

  • CDK Stone NZ Ltd

  • Country Lane & Fifty Five

  • Gaffer Glass

  • Grinter Glass Ltd

  • Inkt

  • Jan McLean Designs Ltd

  • Kurt Merker GmbH

  • Macdonald Equipment

  • Nick Mount Glass

  • Shinagawa Refractories Australasia NZ Ltd

  • Venter and Hull Chartered Accountants Ltd

  • . . and those who preferred their generosity to remain anonymous.

Image: Laura Donefer