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Torsten Rötzsch

"Many of my inspirations come from the technical area. I mostly think in hot glass and often I am just curious about how to make something and to see the result. That can mean different aspects of a project - the size, colours, perfection, certain patterns, the shape.

I feel that there is so much to discover that I could not focus on a specific subject for very long.

And often during the process I start to see more behind the works than only the technical aspect of how it was made. The starting point of an object is usually a sketch or drawing with the aim to just illustrate the proportions - for me. The title for my works comes normally when I see them finished.

It is not about telling stories for me but to just let the works influence the viewers thoughts.

It is exciting to cover the range from very reduced, almost minimalist works to abundant installations with baroque characteristics.

With all that I see it as one of the most important things that the shape or proportions of the objects are balanced or powerful and simple."