We are delighted to announce that the following artists will be delivering workshops either before or after the conference: 

  • Daniel Clayman (Pre-Conference, Whanganui, NZ)

  • Richard Royal (Post-Conference, Whanganui, NZ)

  • Erin Dickson (Post-Conference, Whanganui, NZ)

  • Katharine Coleman (Post-Conference, Whanganui, NZ)

  • David Willis (Post-Conference, Whanganui, NZ)

  • Sibylle Peretti & Stephen Paul Day (Post-Conference, Whanganui, NZ)

  • Amy Rueffert Thibeault (Post-Conference, Canberra, AUS)

  • Shelley Muzylowski Allen & Rik Allen (Post-Conference, Adelaide, AUS)

Whilst some logistics are yet to be finalised - dates, costs and content will be available shortly.

Image: Shelley Muzylowski Allen at work during her residency at Pilchuck Glass School. Photo credit: Russell Johnson