Image:  Interference (excerpt)

Image: Interference (excerpt)


Rebecca Arday

Evoking attraction, repulsion, sentimentality, sorrow, and longing, I create pieces that draw inspiration from Victorian era objects which beautifully embody feelings, often on a very small and personal scale.

My interests span craftsmanship and design, and veer towards the more abstract with a deep interest in the poetic ability of objects –those with an ability to ‘speak’ to us–and remind us of life, love, and mortality.

Mourning jewelry, portrait miniatures, and daguerreotypes all serve to commemorate and hold loved ones close in life and death. My work is of an intimate scale, referencing these and other memory devices for private reflection.

Glass’ ephemeral nature, scientific history, transparency, and ability to transmit and hold light aid and inspire the work as well. These properties lend way to transformation and the creation of illusions and an element of the unexpected.