Image:  SMAC

Image: SMAC


Stephen Paul Day

Born Ames Iowa in 1954.

Never doubting his artistic calling, Stephen, a committed modernist romantic, disillusioned with his provincial state of art, began his studies in lithography at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France.  Longing for an existential experience, albeit naively tainted with youthful visions, Stephen flourished in France. He excelled at the Beaux-Arts and found work in the atelier of Bernard Allain, master craftsman in architectural glass.

 In 1985 he was awarded a residency at the Experimental Glass Workshop in New York City.  There he developed a signature technique of French glass painting coupled with glass casting refined in New York, and processed through an enduring belief that idea and narrative are equally important partners.  His exhibitions, Kryptonite Lies and Robber Barons, cemented his position as an artist in the city where he remained for the next six years.

 In 1990 he met his wife Sibylle Peretti and created the collaborative team, Club S+S.  Their works together would bring them worldwide as resident artists and with exhibitions in Japan, France Germany and the United States and Mexico. These journeys included two residencies at Wheaton Arts, the Kohler Factory, and at the Freies Museum,Berlin.

Stephen Paul Day now lives and works in both New Orleans, and Berlin Germany. He is an avid seeker of the curious and wonderful, deriving pleasure by creating works deeply motivated by a sense of connected historical relevance and through appropriate traditional skills.